Thank You

Chloe, Melissa, and I all just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the love and support we have had in our journey to create Charbon Salon!

Hassan and Joe thank you for being the GREATEST dads ever. We appreciate you for keeping our kiddos at home feeling loved, and taken care of, while their mommies are working around the clock! Jacob you are an amazing carpenter, handyman, and best go to guy… Ever! Jacob made our beautiful shelves and our table with the help of some sanding by Melissa (mason).

Grace Potts is our logo designer extraordinaire!!! We have had more compliments on our logo than anything. You created a look that we are so proud to stand behind. Grace put up with us texting day and night asking for ” JUST ONE MORE THING”. We thank you and look forward to spoiling you when you come into Charbon!

Amanda & Jeff, these two are the reason we have a face on the web and Facebook. Amanda and Jeff are an amazing team! Amanda took all of our images and as you can see she is perfection! Jeff is the man putting all the pieces together so we can share our salon with everyone on our beautiful website and Facebook page. Thank you so much! You have gone above and beyond for us and you are such a delight to be around! We encourage you to visit their website and get to know them.

Mike, Mr. I.T., we were a hot mess and then you showed us the light. I’m sure we have not seen the last of you, but I hope we didn’t scare you away with our lack of computer skills. We could not have done it without you.

All the People at Sola Salon Studios, Thank you for being so kind to us as we have moved into our new “home”. We are so excited to be here, and you all have made the transition so easy. We promise the kids will all be at home now that shops open.

Last but not least our amazing guests who have HUNTED us down! We are so thankful for our following to Charbon Salon. It is never an easy transition, but with all of you we are having such a blast learning the ropes. Thank you for your patience while we fumble on the phone, booking your appointments and stumble through the awkward check out process. Each day it has gotten so much easier and before you know it we will be flawless!

Also we are excited to have Alaina Perez come join our family at Charbon Salon this February. She lives in Montana, but comes into town about every 6 weeks! Her first appearance will be February 1,2,3. She is an amazing colorist and hairstylist so if you would like to book with her you can email her at or call/text (206) 755-0179.


Chloe, Melissa, & Rayna